Anita Green

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As Montana’s first openly transgender national delegate to a nominating convention, I can honestly say Amelia Marquez will represent not only the transgender community very well, but will also represent progressive people across the state of Montana. She is a voice the people of Montana have been in dire need of for a very long time.

Drew Mammel


I can without doubt say that Amelia Marquez is what’s best for our state. As a young voter who is hopeful for a better future, I know that Amelia can get us there. As a diverse community in need of more representative legislators, I urge our community to come together to support this incredibly devoted and intelligent candidate.

Mitch Bohn

Amelia eat sleeps and breaths democracy! There is no doubt in my mind she is who needs to be the representative of House District 52.

Tyler Starkweather

Montana needs the voice of Amelia Marquez. For too long the voices of many peoples have been ignored by our leaders and I believe Amelia is the only candidate who will ensure that all of Montana’s diverse voices will be heard! I proudly endorse Amelia Marquez for House District 52 a true voice of the people!

Jenn Merecki

As a progressive democrat elected national delegate and published progressive political columnist, I see the champion of progressive values in Amelia. Amelia is a people-centered, bold individual, who’s primary focus is directed at the rights and opportunities for every community member, near and far. She believes cooperation and open-mindedness are the foundations of our most important social institutions. Amelia is genuinely concerned for the citizens of Billings and stands with conviction and confidence to benefit us all.


Let Amelia know that you officially support her!


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