“This page is filled with love and support. Without the individuals, I would not be the person I am today. I have met some of these individuals on the campaign trail and some others are lifelong friends. Never-the-less, I love all of these individuals with all of my heart and I hope I make you proud each and every day.”                                     Much Love, Amelia

Ward 4 City Council Woman: Penny Ronning
When I think of Amelia Danielle Marquez I think of the words integrity, fair-minded, hard-working, courageous, compassionate, intelligent, educated, and honorable among many other extraordinary qualities of character. Amelia is well spoken and full of energy to fight for good, quality health care for all. She has excellent ideas for jobs that pay living wages and she is the one candidate for state legislature that I have consistently seen work to learn the needs of the City of Billings — the community she will represent in Helena. When it comes to votes on a ballot, a vote for Amelia is the first vote I’d cast!

Anita Green

As Montana’s first openly transgender national delegate to a nominating convention, I can honestly say Amelia Marquez will represent not only the transgender community very well, but will also represent progressive people across the state of Montana. She is a voice the people of Montana have been in dire need of for a very long time.

Drew Mammel

I can without a doubt say that Amelia Marquez is what’s best for our state. As a young voter who is hopeful for a better future, I know that Amelia can get us there. As a diverse community in need of more representative legislators, I urge our community to come together to support this incredibly devoted and intelligent candidate.

Mitch Bohn

Amelia eat, sleeps, and breaths democracy! There is no doubt in my mind she is who needs to be the representative of House District 52.

Tyler Starkweather

Montana needs the voice of Amelia Marquez. For too long the voices of many peoples have been ignored by our leaders and I believe Amelia is the only candidate who will ensure that all of Montana’s diverse voices will be heard! I proudly endorse Amelia Marquez for House District 52 a true voice of the people!

Jenn Merecki

As a progressive Democrat elected national delegate and published progressive political columnist, I see the champion of progressive values in Amelia. Amelia is a people-centered, bold individual, whose primary focus is directed at the rights and opportunities for every community member, near and far. She believes cooperation and open-mindedness are the foundations of our most important social institutions. Amelia is genuinely concerned for the citizens of Billings and stands with conviction and confidence to benefit us all.

Former Mayoral Candidate Danielle Egnew
I support Amelia Marquez for HD 52 — and even though I’m not in her House District, she rocks!! I also support the fabulous Jessica Karjala, whose house district we’re in — what tremendous people doing great things for the state of Montana 🙂!

Shad Scott-Wilson
I support Amelia and will be voting Democrat this primary!!!

Sara Hagen Hull
Mail ballots arriving shortly, and I, as always, will be voting BLUE! I support Amelia Danielle MarquezEmma Kerr-CarpenterJade Bahr and Jenn Merecki in local primaries, as well as Teague Westrope and John Heenan. As soon as your ballot arrives, please VOTE and return it!!

Casey O’Donnell
I support Amelia. We need to put people like her in office who will fight for every Montanan. Get out and VOTE in the primary!

Christl Domina
Amelia is one amazing human being. I love her so much and I am so proud of her for having the courage to run for the State Legislature (I couldn’t do it)! She will do a fantastic job and fight to represent ALL of us. She has my strong endorsement and my love.

Kacee Swoboda
I absolutely support and believe in Amelia! ❤️

Dwight Welch
I am new to Billings but in my short time here, it’s been clear that Amelia has a heart for progressive issues from health care access to LGBT equality, to tackling gun violence, to funding our school system. And she’s out there doing the hard work on all these issues. Even though she’s not in my district, I endorse Amelia Danielle Marquez and wish the best for her campaign for House District 52!

Jeff Blatnick
I support Amelia and will vote Democrat this primary! I am excited for real change and proper representation of our community 😁

Cyd Martinez
Amelia Danielle Marquez, I stand with you

Madison Youlden
I support Amelia and am for sure voting Democratic cuz I want to see change for the Montanans who need it most💕🙌🏼

Tammy Mehlhaff
I don’t live in HD 52, but if I did, Amelia would be my choice to represent in Helena! Amelia is vocal in her support of a LIVING wage, easy and affordable access to education for all who want it, and most importantly, fighting for health care as a RIGHT for all! Amelia understands the needs of the working class because she is also a member of the working class.

If you live in HD 52, and I know a lot of you who do … vote for Amelia! Your ballots will be arriving in the mail soon!!

Sheri Jarvis
I have a friend in Billings who exemplifies a grassroots belief in public service, commitment, and courage. I wish I could vote for her – and short of that, I’m pleased to show my support for her efforts!! Do you know the people running in your area?? Let’s rally for each other. The fearful, regressive tide of xenophobia & isolationism is eroding our democracy. Amelia is open and curious, bright and energetic. She is our future.

Angelica Contreraz Johnson
Daniel Zent
Shea Gerard
Daysi Bellota Onstad
Debbie Brown
Keith Bruski
Nadine Smith
Lisa Halpin
Hope Swanson
Glenda Brauneis
Vint Lavinder
Cyd Martinez
Marian Bradley
Patrick Scott-Wilson
My loving sister: Bea Marquez
Former Ward 3 City Council Candidate: Tyler Starkweather
Hannah Pate
My amazing and supportive parents: Becky and Javier Marquez

Let Amelia know that you officially support her!


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